Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Photo Courtesy of Mowie Kay

It's my birthday!  I could complain...but I won't. So I'll go in the other direction and be a big girl and say what I'm excited and thankful for. (But the complaining thing was REALLY tempting!)

I'm excited that I can write this post...that my sweet husband said Happy Birthday at 1:40 AM. (I kinda remember it. I heard...something...birthday...I asked what time it was...mumbled thank you...and went back to sleep) I got hugs and kisses from my beautiful girls before they went to school. My mom emailed me at 6 am. (I love that she's using email!)  Got a Birthday text! Got some birthday calls and facebook birthday wishes.

Am I where I want to be on this birthday? Yes and no.
A wife and mother? Yes!
Still alive and kicking? Yes!
Cute as cute can be? Yes!! (yes, I'm pulling off cute, but still working on tall and sophisticated.) No, I'm not a millionairess just yet...
I still happen to be my own personal chef...and my laundry isn't being done by the maid (unless I'm adding maid to my name!)
I haven't sold 40,000 pendants yet, but I'm working on it! (feel free to help a sister out!)

I thought I would write some words of wisdom today that would catapult me into the blogosphere hall of fame...but alas...I'm still working on that too!

Oh, how old am I? Old enough to know that I don't have to answer that question unless I'm in a court of law!